New Stuff I've Been Playing With

In 2016 Amazon released their much awaited Echo in the UK.

Known as Alexa, the Echo is a Home AI device capable of communicating with your Smart Home devices such as Philips Hue Lighting, Nest Thermostats, Samsung SmartThings etc.

Where the Echo is unable to speak to a device or doesn't have a service (or 'skill') you require, Developers can write their own!

Make sure you tell Alexa to "Enable Management Speak". This is my latest skill for Alexa - now you can learn to speak like a Manager!



An Awesome New SMS Service Is Coming

What's New?

I will be releasing SMS Portal 2 in Q2 of 2017. This is a huge update to the current SMS Portal.

  • No billing - complete PAYG service
  • Faster response on campaign texts
  • New Message Queueing for SMS Marketing Broadcasts
  • Send SMS without a campaign
  • Get and Redact your sent SMS for free
  • Unlimited number provisioning - just pay for what you provision
  • Existing users will be transparently upgraded, for free
  • Now under HTTPS Endpoints
  • Authenticator Libraries and SDK available


Stuff I Know About

Working as a Full-stack Senior Developer, I have proven experience in some really cool technologies.

Here are a few of the main ones with a Newbie to Super Hero rating... the stuff I use every day!

Obvs this is not an exhaustive stack, I 'm lucky that I can spend hours and hours reading up on and playing with new tech, this is just the main stuff... stuff I like!


Web Services (including Web API / ReST / SOAP)

Android Dev

SQL And SQL Server 2005 to 2012 (including SSIS, SSDT and SSRS)

Amazon AWS (e.g. EC2, S3, Glacier, Route53, SQS, SNS, SES, CF, RDS, IAM, EB, Lambda)

Amazon Echo (Alexa ASK, Platform)

Cloud Telecoms Services (e.g. IVR and SMS)

Cryptography (e.g. Symmetric, Asymmetric, PKI, Open/PGP, TLS/SSL, HMAC)



Pretty Good

Super Hero


What's Important To Developers


Using the latest dev tools, years of experience and my vast collection of dev libraries, I can develop quickly and deliver a reliable and maintainable codebase!


Code quality is very important! If you don't know what your own code is doing in 6 months time, you've failed yourself, and you've created a headache for others!


With over 20 years of dev experience and being a C# .NET hero (my own rating!), I've a sound knowledge of lots and lots of technologies and their implementation.


There are so many people willing to smash your systems for data - data is valuable - so building security in from the start is not only vital, but default in my solutions.


For a solution to be completely reliable, it needs more than just a sound codebase. Infrastructure, deployment, patching... all considerations in any solution.


Dev work can be expensive, usually due to poor planning! Technical Debt is costly. Plan well, deliver on time, keep deployments up to date and this will keep the cost down!


Some Numbers From My SMS Portal


SMS Received




SMS Sent




Some Stuff For Devs

SMS Gateway

SMS enable your apps and websites with my SMS Platform - on a pay as you go service!

Code Libs

I'm building my Nuget Service to host some of my awesome free libraries for Devs!


EncryptIT is a complete Crypto Toolkit for Windows with a huge array of crypto tools! More coming.

ComingSoon = true

Something Interesting Is Coming